Fairhope, Bay St. Louis and Pralines



Anyone who makes candy knows that cool, dry days are best for firming things up. And today, the day I had to conjure up two batches of pralines, we’ve been drowning here in Baton Rouge, and we’re even under a tornado watch.

But the bad weather did not stop me. This Saturday, April 13 I’m having book signings in Fairhope, Alabama at Page & Palette, 32 South Section Street, 11:00 a.m., and that evening at Bay Books, 131 Main Street, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, 5:00 p.m. And anyone who’s ever attended one of my book signings knows that I always (well, almost always) bring pralines.

To cheat the weather gods, I used one tablespoon less milk in my recipe. And guess what, it worked! My sweet little morsels even turned out better than normal.

For the recipe go to THE DELTA QUEEN COOKBOOK, page 138. I’ll post it here soon as I learn how to get this blog to single-space.