Fun in Fairhope

Grilled Steak with Bernaise at Tyme Restaurant in Fairhope, Alabama

Grilled Steak with Bernaise at Thyme Restaurant in Fairhope, Alabama

Many, many thanks to the folks at Page & Palette in Fairhope, Alabama for hosting my April 13 book signing. I met quite a few¬†Delta Queen steamboat fans and lots of enthusiastic home cooks (as well as a few Alabama football fans, but we won’t go into that). Almost ran out of books, so the day was a grand success.

Also a big thank you to Tina Wettermark for putting up with Howard and me for the night. You’re a great hostess, Tina, and we really enjoyed walking around and learning about your great city.

For those unfamiliar with Fairhope, the city was founded as a model community “free from all forms of private monopoly” and today is a thriving community for artists. Most folks think of it as the cute little town on the way to the Grand Hotel, but it’s really worth a trip on its own.