Brined and Roasted Leg of Lamb with Pan Sauce and Blood Orange Hollandaise



Makes 8 servings. Recipe is by Chef Jason Morrill, Baton Rouge



2 gallons cold water

1 cup kosher salt

1 cup brown sugar

1 Meyer lemon (zest and reserve zest, and cut lemon in half)

3 sprigs fresh rosemary

3 sprigs fresh thyme

3 bay leaves, crushed

1 tbl. juniper berries, crushed

1 tbl. black peppercorns, crushed

2 cloves fresh garlic, crushed

1 whole bone-in leg of lamb (7-8 lbs.)


Combine all ingredients in a large, heavy-duty, food-safe plastic bag and close tightly. Place inside an ice chest and pack with ice. Brine 1 hour per pound, or 7-8 hours.


To Roast Lamb:

4 tbls. olive oil, divided

kosher salt to taste

fresh cracked black pepper to taste

4 cloves garlic, crushed

reserved lemon zest from brine

1 sprig fresh rosemary, chopped

2 onions, quartered

1 carrot, large diced

1/4 of a celeriac root, large diced


1. Pre-heat oven to 400F. Remove leg of lamb from brine and wipe off excess seasoning with a towel.

2. Coat bottom of a heavy-bottomed roasting pan with 2 tablespoons olive oil and heat over medium heat. Season lamb with kosher salt and black pepper. When oil is almost smoking, brown leg on all sides. Remove lamb from pan and rub with remaining 2 tbls. olive oil, crushed garlic, lemon zest and rosemary.

3. Add onion, carrot, celeriac and lamb to pan. Bake 15 minutes then reduce heat to 325 F and bake an additional 50 minutes for medium-rare, or until the internal temperature reaches 140F in the largest part of the leg. Remove lamb and vegetables from roasting pan and allow to rest while making sauce.


Pan sauce:

1/2 bottle red wine

2 shallots chopped, (red bulb, not green)

2 cups beef broth or stock

2 tbls. all-purpose flour

Salt and pepper


1. Put roasting pan with drippings back on the stove at medium-high heat. Add wine and reduce by half, scraping up any bits from bottom of pan.

2. Strain with a fine mesh strainer and put back in pot. Add shallots and simmer until the shallots are soft.

3. In a small bowl, whisk together broth and flour. Add to reduction and simmer about 10 minutes, or until thickened. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Blood Orange Hollandaise:

3 sticks butter, melted

3 egg yolks

1 Blood orange, juiced

2 dashes hot sauce

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

1/2 cup white wine

Salt and Pepper to taste


1. In a medium saucepan, bring 1/2 a pot of water to boil. In another pot melt butter.

2. In a medium metal bowl, combine egg yolks, orange juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and white wine. Whisk mixture vigorously until frothy.

3. When water in pot begins to simmer, place bowl with egg mixture on top and whisk continually. When mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, remove from heat and slowly start adding melted butter, whisking until all the butter is incorporated. Season with salt.