‘Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook’ Media Reviews

New York Times Book Review: “Cooking for Dunces,” (John Williams, December 18, 2015)

NPR Radio and The Salt: “‘A Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook’: A Classic Revisited in Recipes,” (Steve Inskeep, December 4, 2015)
Parade Magazine: “A Bite of the Bayou,” (Alison Ashton, February 7,, 2016)
Boston Metro: “‘Juicy Wine Cakes and Other Dunces Delights’: Author Cynthia Nobles eats her way through the Pulitzer Prize-winning Novel,” (Rachel Raczka, December 8, 2015)
The Picayune: “‘Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook’ is More Than Recipes,” (Judy Walker, October 6, 2015)
The Advocate: “‘A Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook’ Imagines the Food of New Orleans’ Favorite Malcontent,” (Cheramie Sonnier, October 7, 2015)
Houston Chronicle: Author Cooks Up ‘A Confederacy of Dunces,” (Greg Morago, January 25, 2016)
Charlotte Observer: “‘A Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook,” (Dannye Romine Powell, December 16, 2015.
The Advertiser: “Inside Look at ‘Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook,'” (Chere Coen, November 6, 2015)
225 Magazine: “‘A Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook,'” (Maggie Heyn Richardson, December 2015)

Country Roads Magazine: ‘Three Pounds of Turtle Meat and A Can-Do Attitude,'” (Chris Turner-Neal)