LSU Press “Southern Table” Cookbook Series

I’m the culinary editor for LSU Press in Baton Rouge, and we are accepting submissions for The Southern Table series of cookbooks. For submission guidelines, go to or contact me at

The LSU Press Southern Table cookbook series chronicles the histories, recipes, traditions and production practices of the food of the American South. We’re looking for clear, compelling narrative, along with historical and contemporary recipes. Books will be of interest to a general audience, and especially to history buffs and professional and home cooks curious about origins of the region’s foodways.

Examples of suitable topics, with appropriate recipes, include:
**Food-themed Southern festivals and their winning contest recipes.
**Antebellum and postbellum plantation food production, preparation and consumption.
**Innovations and equipment that changed the way the South eats.
**Hunting and/or fishing practices, trends and conservation.
**The African impact on iconic Southern dishes.
**Ethnic foodways and culinary contributions to the Southern eating experience.
**Native American hunting, cooking and eating habits before the arrival of Europeans.
**Teaching children the basics of Southern cooking.
**Southern restaurants that have made a lasting imprint on their industry and on personal eating habits.
**Southern chefs who have set and withstood culinary trends.
**The South’s many agriculture research facilities and their development of modern crops and animal husbandry.
**The exploration of individual food industries in the South, such as rice, sweet potatoes, corn, pork, oysters, cattle, dairy, etc.
**Significant dish categories, such as cakes, breads, soups, barbecue and vegetables.
**Folklore and culinary uses of native Southern herbs and plants.
**Bourbon, whiskey, beer, absinthe, rum, moonshine — any kind of Southern-made alcohol.
**Southern Soiree: the history of entertaining in America’s South.